Renée Toft Simonsen - Reward - Renée Toft Simonsen

I am still looking for the following material with Renée Simonsen. For sure there is more, but I do not know all her work. There may be mistakes in some dates or sources in the following list. From some things I have got copies/scans that I will show time after time. The dates I am writing here are this way: Day/Month/Year. If you can help with something, please contact me.

missing Renée Simonsen covers:  ** = see photo/s

bwc = have black-white copy
cc = have colorcopy
o-nbc = have original, but need better copy
cutout/scan/small pic/video = have cutout/scan/small pic/seen on video
??? = have never seen before at any copy/scan/etc. - maybe does not exist?!

missing argentina/brazil/chile/mexican/etc. stuff:
missing danish/dutch/finland/norway/sverige/etc. stuff:
missing french stuff:
missing austrian/german stuff

 missing italian stuff:

missing greece/spanish/portuguese/etc. stuff:
missing U.K. stuff:
missing U.S. stuff: