Renée Toft Simonsen - 1996 - Renée Toft Simonsen

german ELLE Top Model April 1996
german ELLE Top Model April 1996 with kids 1 german ELLE Top Model April 1996 with kids 2

danish FEMINA - #36 1996
Jo Selsing
danish EUROMAN - April 1996
Isak Hoffmeyer
danish FEMINA #36/96 - lying in grass face close-up danish FEMINA #36/96 - on ladder danish FEMINA #36/96 - sitting in grass danish EUROMAN Apr. 1996 - dancing 80s danish EUROMAN Apr. 1996 - yellow silk top face close-up

article from italian VILLAGE, May 1996:

Renée Simonsen said "stop" - I PREFER LIVING

People think top models are beautiful, but stupid. It is not true: there are stupid models and there are stupid journalists. There are clever journalists and there are clever models, like the legendary Renèe: she understood all.
In the photo she cycles with her husband Jeus, director of a packages society, and her daughter Ulrike, 2 years. But it is not for ever, as she is just separated from him, with which, however, she is in good relations.
She did the model but she never was mistaken from it and at the right moment she left all for going in a kibbutz. Then she came back in Denmark and she created a family. 'Cause for her, the beauty is a rational operation, not surgical.
Someone says about her, that one day she left falling down a Coca Cola bottle and she soon started to clean...a top model!
She also never did surgical operation for her beauty, 'cause she does not want to go against nature.
All at once she went in a kibbutz in Israel saying "no" to a lot of money. Someone also says that she was too much sensible at mens charm. But someone says it is a lie.
The truth is Renèe could be a housewife. She put apart her films with Vanzina, her advertisement contracts (she only mantains the one with Biotherm) and the catwalks.
Now she is a mother and a student, married and separated, she studies psychology in Copenhagen, in the same University where she was studying 10 years ago when she went with a friend at a models contest, "I was just curious. My parents are so far from this kind of world!", the jury falled in love with her and soon gave her an engagement. "I just wanted a good job but I never thought I could be a model or an actress. I never read fashion mags or saw films, 'cause with my education I thought that kind of women did trifling jobs".
In New York she neither had the time to think about it...she soon became famous. "I was fascinated from that living style, from going around the world, from money and from  people who taught a lot of things to me. But I always had the sense of time. And I prefered talking 5 mintues more about a contract so it was clear at the start and not returning on it in a second time." She has a lot of hobbies: literature, painting, music, psychology. "I read mags and I follow everything with fear : the fascism comeback, the religious and racial intolerance, the war".
That is why Renèe is ok at her home. Far from world ugliness, from fashion falsity, with her own happiness. "the star system was a period of my life. Good and satisfying. Now it is the moment of changes, 'cause there is more in life..."
MANY thanks to Annarita for the translation!

Eileen Ford about Renée: "She entered our supermodel contest in Copenhagen when she was 15, and we decided she was too young. Two years later she entered again and won. I´ve never represented a greater model than Rene. She´s back living in Denmark, with her two children, and we remain close to this minute." - U.S. PHOTO July/August 1996 ("reflections 50 years of glamour")