Renée Toft Simonsen - Biography - part 2 13  

danish EUROMAN Apr. 1996, ph.: Isak Hoffmeyer


At a disco in Copenhagen Renée meets her new love Kristian Sandvad, a danish fish-exporter. She cuts her hair short. »»»


Renée is asked to be host at a danish television talkshow, but she refuses the offer.
With Eileen Ford she is again active at the competition in finding the danish "Supermodel of the Year". Renée starts to study also psychology in case her dream to become journalist will burst. She works voluntary at a mothers centre. »»»


With her boyfriend Kristian she is visiting a Pavarotti concert at Copenhagen. »»»


She is searching with Eileen Ford the danish participant for the Supermodel of the World contest.
Her first baby, daughter Ulrikke is born in December. Ulrikke measures 50 cm and has a weight of 3.100 gramm. »»»


Renée is pregnant again and is expecting a boy. »»»


In August her son Jens-Kristian is born (50 cm, 3.200 gramm).
To the end of the year she ends her relationship with Kristian Sandvad. »»»




Renée is working as a fashion-editor for danish Asschenfeldts Magasin. Monthly appears a shopping-report with her and a famous Dane.
In Summer she starts a new relationship with danish rock star Thomas Helmig.
She adopts a bolivian child, the 9 year-old Juaquina. The relief organisation PLAN Denmark invites Renée to a trip to Bolivia to visit her adopted daughter and to do a movie what is shown in a donation-show on television in December. Thomas and Renée are on the telephones during the show to accept the calls of the contributors. And...she is still signing for autographs. »»»


Renée supports a campaign against the join of Denmark to the European Union.
In July Hugo (52 cm, 3.500 gramm), her first baby with Thomas, is born.
Thomas and Renée are invited in December to a gala from Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra from Denmark at castle Christiansborg. Renée has a brisk dance with the Prince. »»»


Renée changes to the new model agency "2pm" in Copenhagen.
She is again active at a donation-event for the Balkan. »»»