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summary of danish BILLED BLADET article from #10 6. March 2003:

RENÈES DIFFICULT CHILDHOOD - My father used to beat me

Today she is 37 years old and can look back on a life in the fast lane with the jetset. But when Renee Toft Simonsen turns back time and takes a look at her past it is not always a smile that graces the face that made her world famous in the 1980s.
Once in a while, her face turns racked with pain when the more sinister memories comes into her mind, even though for many years she has tried to forget. In the book "Jeg Slipper Dig Ikke... for du velsigner mig" ("I will not let you go... until you bless me") a string of famous women talk about their feelings. The book will be released from Ashehougs Publishing. In the book, Renee reveals some of her childhood memories with a father, who did not always understand the finer details of upbringing."

And a critic to the book found at: says: "... only the contribution of Renee Toft Simonsen about the inbalance in the relationship - Thomas, you dog! - really goes straight in. Renee's comparison between her father and her husband, her willingness to be a martyr and her anger is all something which women can relate to."

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french ELLE #3000  30.  June 2003
french ELLE 30. June 2003 #3000 - 4 of her french ELLE covers and pic with many colors in face
» Odile SARRON the "miss casting" of all the ELLE models says: "I've found her so superb that I made her do immediately 16 pages. She was already on her flight back to New York when we saw that the Labo had problem to release the photos. I made pay the Concorde by the Labo for that Renée come back and we did all of them again."

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danish SE OG HOR
4. June 2003
Hans Bolcho
13. August 2003 #33
Hanne Juul
danish HER & NU
23. June 2004
Hanne Juul
danish B.T.
27. October 2003
german stern
11. September 2003
danish SE OG HOR 4. - 11. June 2003 - 2003 with Thomas and Hugo at the circus danish BILLED BLADET 13. Aug. 2003 - 2003 with Thomas at munthe fashion show 1 danish HER & NU 23. June 2004 - 2003 with Thomas at munthe fashion show 2 danish B.T. 27. Oct. 2003 - 2003 at munthe show orange skirt light pink top german stern #38 2003 - interview "Was macht eigentlich..." with dog and kids

interview from german stern 11. September 2003 #38:

What is Renée Simonsen up to?

The Dane counted in the 80s to the most popular models in the world. Short before the hype around the supermodels started she ended her career in 1989.
german stern #38 11. Sep. 2003 - Renee with kids and dog Ulf in the garden Renée Simonsen with her children Ulrikke, 9, Hugo, 4, Ida Marie, 10, and dog Ulf in the garden of her house in Risskov, Denmark. The 7-year-old Jens Kristian is not on the picture. The 38-year-old is married to the musician Thomas Helmig. Simonsen had been discovered in 1982 by a model-contest from the danish "Ekstra Bladet" magazine and won in the same year the "Face of the 80s" contest. In th ecourse of her career she had been on countless titles of well-known high polish magazine covers, worked before the camera of the most famous photographers and was face of more than two dozen cosmetics and fashion campaigns (little photo: advertisement for Biotherm). After her retreat - some selected jobs she still did - she started a psychology study she ended in 2000.
photographer: Hans Bolcho

Dr. Simonsen...
Not yet, but I am a qualified psychologist.
Do you practice as such?
For first not. I studied altogether nearly nine years. That was not always easy as a three-times mother, although I did not have to work besides. Now I want to be only there for the children.
Have you been by yourself in therapy?
Yes, briefly after my model-time. I had to find out, who I was and into which direction I wanted. It was a large decision to stop on the high point of my career.
When you retired 1989, you were one the most expensive models of the world. Was there someone who did not declare you for crazy?
Most admired me for the fact that I pulled through so consistently. I was mentally simply no longer present and did not want also longer that the people constantly have their hands on my hair and my face. In addition I felt, how my personality changed.
In the first years I asked: Where to go and how much do they pay? Whether and on which silly cover I was, did not interest me. Then suddenly I started to find it important. I still know how excited I was for the fact that I did not make it on the title of the swimsuit issue of "Sports Illustrated". At the same time I asked myself: Why do you do that, you had 450 covers before, relax, which existencial value has it?
After your retreat you had been four months in a Kibbuz in Israel.
That was proceeded from my older sister. I was together with John Taylor...
... the bass-player from the band "Duran Duran".
Our relationship was not exactly perfect, and I had the mouth full from the modelbusiness. So I went with her.
And gave Mr. Taylor thereafter the marching order.
Yes, he lived at that time much in the music and fashionworld. As one looks and one carries which clothes was important to him. That was all the same to me.
He took also some at drugs.
Yes, that burded our relationship very much. I tried to be faithful to me and my convictions, he marched into completely different direction.
Do you tell us a few pretty "Sex, Drugs and Rock`n`Roll" anecdotes?
I can not serve with. I took no drugs. I had horrible fear of those stuff. I was 18 and if I went out I had always a small flashlight with me and shoned into the peoples eyes to see whether its pupils reacted. If not, I said: He is on drugs, I go!
Is it correct that your first contract was endowed with 100 000 dollars?
Yes, and Eileen Ford doubled it even on 200 000 dollar, because my mother found it completely terrible to let her 17-year-old daughter go into this world to New York. 
Do you still know what you have bought as the first of the money?
I believe a fishing rod - fishing was at that time one of my dearest hobbies.
No house, no sports car?
No, I saved for my education and then I studied from - and I have still something over.
If your 9-year-old daughter Ulrikke later wanted to become a model - what would you say?
If the time comes she will go her way. Then I have nothing to say longer. The small one is now already very stubborn. She got it from me.


See the article at german stern website.

danish ALT 23. October 2003 #43 - Soren Kirkegard
cover danish ALT 23. Oct. 2003 #43 - white wool-pullover danish ALT 23. Oct. 2003 - sitting before window danish ALT 23. Oct. 2003 - face close-up grey wool-pullover danish ALT 23. Oct. 2003 - laughing navy jacket

danish ALT
23. October 2003 
danish B.T.
27. October 2003
Brian Rasmussen
danish JP Arhus - 9. November 2003
David Bering
danish ALT 23. Oct. 2003 - Karlas Kabale book cover danish B.T. 27. Oct. 2003 - on a ladder, wears wool-coat, skirt, Karla book in hands danish JP Arhus 9. Nov. 2003 - on a ladder, wears wool-coat, jeans danish JP Arhus 9. Nov. 2003 -behind white small door, wears wool-coat

danish Appetize - Winter 2005/2006 #3
Rasmus Baaner
danish MetroXpress 11. November 2004
danish Appetize no. 3 2005/2006 - b/w face close-up outside danish Appetize no. 3 2005/2006 - outside terrasse danish Appetize no. 3 2005/2006 - 2003 inside sitting danish MetroXpress 11. Nov. 2004 - 2003 inside face close-up

danish KIWI November 2003 - Hanne Fuglbjerg
danish KIWI Nov. 2003 - with Karla book in hands danish KIWI Nov. 2003 - face close-up danish KIWI Nov. 2003 - looking to the left danish KIWI Nov. 2003 - face close-up looking to the left smile
danish KIWI Nov. 2003 -4 small face close-ups

danish far, mor&born
# 1 2004
Hanne Fuglbjerg
danish Woman
January 2004
Lars H
danish COSTUME
November 2003
Lars H
danish far, mor & born #1 2004 - Kiwi Nov. 2003 serie face close-up danish Woman Jan. 2004 - 2003 b/w face close-up danish COSTUME Nov. 2003 - b/w in dress sitting on bed

danish B.T.
24. November 2003
Mogens Flindt
#1 Feb. - May 2004
Michael Mottlau
9. September 2004
danish B.T. 24. Nov. 2003 - at Karlas Kabale promo-tour, signing books See more photos
of Renée from her promo-tour
for the book "KARLAS KABALE"
at danish bookstore "Gad" in
Brabrand, 30. Nov. 2003

danish Psykologi no. 1 Feb. - May 2004 - 2003 at Kopenhagen book fair - Karla book danish BILLED BLADET 9. Sep. 2004 - 2003 with Thomas at Karlas Kabale promo-tour, grey wool-jacket

danish COSTUME - December 2003 - Lars H
danish COSTUME Dec. 2003 - on a white horse leaning forward danish COSTUME Dec. 2003 - on white horse, laughing danish COSTUME Dec. 2003 - leading white horse behind danish COSTUME Dec. 2003 - almost face close-up danish COSTUME Dec. 2003 - cover in red dress - Merry Christmas!