Renée Toft Simonsen - 2009 - Renée Toft Simonsen

danish FEMINA - 29. January 2009 #5 - Claus Boesen
"STOP..." 1 - danish FEMINA 29.01.09 by Claus Boesen "STOP..." 2 - danish FEMINA 29.01.09 by Claus Boesen "STOP..." 3 - danish FEMINA 29.01.09 by Claus Boesen

Claus Boesen
danish FEMINA
 22. October 2009 #43 
danish Billed Bladet TV
1. October 2010 #40
danish tv journal
5. October 2009
danish FEMINA 22.10.09 by Claus Boesen danish FEMINA 22.10.09 by Claus Boesen cover danish Billed Bladet TV 1. - 7.10.09 by Claus Boesen cover danish tv journal 05.10.09 by Claus Boesen

danish B.T.
1. February 2009
Bax Lindhardt
danish SE OG HOR
5. February 2009
Thomas Laursen
danish HER OG NU - 4. February 2009 #6
Kasper Wenstrup
danish B.T. 01.02.09 at Karla og Katrine premier with Thomas by Bax Lindhardt danish SE & HÖR 05.02.09 #6 at Karla og Katrine premier with Thomas by Thomas Laursen danish HER & NU 04.02.09 1 at Karla og Katrine premier with Thomas by Kasper Wenstrup danish HER & NU 04.02.09 2 at Karla og Katrine premier with Thomas by Kasper Wenstrup

danish Urban
29. May 2009
danish SE OG HOR
 6. - 13. May 2009 #19
Thomas Laursen
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danish Urban 29.05.10 at Karla og Katrine premiere cover-pic danish Se og Hör 06.05.09 #19 by Thomas Laursen at Karla 2nd premiere - danish Se og Hör 06.05.09 #19 by Thomas Laursen You can visit the website of "KARLA OG KATRINE" movie here. Karla og Katrine movie picture by Mia Selin

danish KIWI - February 2009 #2 - Teis Bruno
danish KIWI 02-09 cover by Teis Bruno "MINE VENINDER..." 1a - danish KIWI 02-09 by Teis Bruno"MINE VENINDER..." 1b - danish KIWI 02-09 by Teis Bruno "MINE VENINDER..." 2 - danish KIWI 02-09 by Teis Bruno "MINE VENINDER..." 3 - danish KIWI 02-09 by Teis Bruno

danish BILLED BLADET 5. February 2009 #6 - Hanne Juul
1 danish Billed Bladet 05.02.09 by Hanne Juul 2 danish Billed Bladet 05.02.09 by Hanne Juul 3 danish Billed Bladet 05.02.09 by Hanne Juul 4 danish Billed Bladet 05.02.09 by Hanne Juul 5 danish Billed Bladet 05.02.09 by Hanne Juul

danish Berlingske Tidende Magasin Sondag 8. February 2009 - Bo Amstrup
danish Berlingske Tidende Magasin Söndag 08.02.09 b/w 1 by Bo Amstrup danish Berlingske Tidende Magasin Söndag 08.02.09 b/w 2 by Bo Amstrup danish Berlingske Tidende Magasin Söndag 08.02.09 b/w 3 by Bo Amstrup danish Berlingske Tidende Magasin Söndag 08.02.09 b/w 4 by Bo Amstrup

danish HER OG NU
March 2009
danish SE OG HOR
 6. May 2009 #19
28. January 2010
danish BILLED BLADET danish unknown
hofbal - danish Her og Nu 03/09 hofbal - danish Se og Hör 06.05.09 #19 hofbal - danish Billed Bladet 28.01.10 hofbal 2009 kissing Thomas - danish Billed Bladet danish unknown - hofbal 2009 with Thomas

from danish SE OG HOR online 18. July 2009
Renee Toft Simonsen: manager

The former supermodel is starting her own company. She will however not reveal what the company will produce.
"What my role is will be kept a secret for now - at least for a couple of months" says the all-new manager to B.T.
The company have been dubbed Sista's and is the first company owned by Renee Toft Simonsen. She has put in 125.000 kroner in her new firm.
Since she has toned down her modeling career she has written children's books and she has been the editor of a problem page in the weekly magazine, Femina.

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danish Femina
15. April 2010
nye stromninger
November 2009
1. October 2009
danish SE OG HOR
5. February 2009
Thomas Laursen
grey pullover - danish Femina 15.05.2010 red shirt pic - danish nye stromninger 11/09 danish Billed Bladet 01.10.09 - Hele historien tv pic danish tv journal 05.10.09 Hele historien tv-pic You can read a summary
 and see some
 screen shots of the

danish tryghed magasinet - December 2009 - Ricky John Molloy
cover danish tryghet magasinet 12/09 by Ricky John Molloy 1 - danish tryghets magasin 12/09 by Ricky John Molloy 2 - danish tryghets magasin 12/09 by Ricky John Molloy back cover - danish tryghets magasin 12/09 by Ricky John Molloy
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danish SUNDHETs magasinet - Winter 2009 - Gert Ellegaard
cover danish SUNDHETs magasinet Winter 2009 by Gert Ellegaard contents danish SUNDHETs magasinet Winter 2009 by Gert Ellegaard 1 - danish SUNDHETs magasinet Winter 2009 by Gert Ellegaard 2 - danish SUNDHETs magasinet Winter 2009 by Gert Ellegaard 3 - danish SUNDHETs magasinet Winter 2009 by Gert Ellegaard
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from danish name it Spring 2010
Never Tease an Elephant


The hallway is full of shoes. Girl´s shoes, women´s shoes, boys´ shoes and shoes big enough to accomodate the little white dog dancing up and down for attention. A snapping sound from the dining room catches the dog´s attention and it guides me through the open kitchen to Renée Toft Simonsen, who is seated at a big wooded dining table gazing into the photographers lens. In the background, the lawn and the ocean a pale white into the cool autumn sun. But the light framing Renées is warm. Her light-blue eyes twinkle in the light from the photographers lamp matching  her light-blue and slightly wrinkled shirt. There is something very relaxed and laid-back about the woman smiling at the table in the cozy dining room. Cookbooks line the book shelves and her knitting adornes a little woven basket.
At the same time, Renées very intense and, once she fastens her gaze at you, it is difficult to escape her eagle eye. She is so focussed that it is easy to understand why she became an international supermodel back in the 1980´s. Since then, she has become a psychologist, a renowned author of children´s books and, most recently, director of a brand new, Internet-based company called
Renée had her breakthrough when she won a modelling competition and shortly afterwards, she got a contract with Ford Models in New York. All of a sudden, the tall young Dane, with hippie parents, had landed in the midst of the champagne-drinking fashion world. During her first year in New York Renée lived with Ford Models´ founder, Eileen Ford. Then she got her own apartment and used her looks and her abilities to travel around the world, making lots of money and partying with other New York celebrities at all the right places. She also won ´Face of the Eighties` and appeared on the front page of magazines like Vogue and Elle. She dated the bass player John Taylor from the popular 1980´s band Duran Duran and led a jet-set dream life trailed by the paparazzi.
One day she got fed up. Renée asked her bookkeeper to take care of packing up all her things and selling her New York apartment and went to live in a Kibbutz in Israel. Hereby the Mediterranean, she wandered about dressed in the same blue work clothes every day, picking fruits and enjoying not having to worry about her hair, her make-up or any of the other stuff that had come to represent her life in New York. Only years later, was she ready to talk about what had happened. Renée  had started suffering from anxiety attacks. And they had gotten to severe that she could not stand being in front of a camera.
"If I had stuck around a bit longer, I might have lost  touch with what truly mattered to me - I had to find out if I really wanted to stay with my pop star boyfriend and travel the world. People tend to think that celebrity life is the ultimate dream - that having dinner with David Bowie one evening and spending the next night in Singapore is simply glamorous. But when you are actually living that life you know that it is not all that glamorous."
Today, her home on top of the hill North of the Danish city, Aarhus has a feeling of security and stability. And, in many ways, her life here is very quiet. She does not travel around the world and she is not partying all night long even though she and her husband, musician Thomas Helmig, are one of Denmark´s top celebrity couples. The couple has obted for a life without gala premieres, television shows and reality programmes.
Instead, they enjoy a tranquil life with their large family, which includes a common child, Renée´s two children, Renée´s nephew and Thomas´ daughter, who lives with her mother. Although their life is peaceful, there´s plenty of creative risk-taking in the house.
A huge pile of printouts with red marks lies on top of the dark wodden dining table. It is Renée´s manuscript for a new youth novel about two teenage girls, who run away from home.
Crowning the pile of papers is a copy of Thomas´ latest album ´Tommy Boy`. Next to the CD is a copy of the daily newspaper Politiken reviewing the album. Neither Renée nor Thomas are prone to complacently sit back and enjoy the fruits of their past doings - nor do they spend their time sitting in the huge red leather sofa for that matter.
Renée is the kind of woman who always keeps busy. When asked what she does to relax she looks a bit confused. "I unplug," she says - still not quite certain how she actually does spend her time once the power is off. Well, she reads lots of books, visits her favourite local cinema and loves gardening.
But when you have a knack forgetting involved in time-consuming projects you do not have a lot of spare time.
At the moment she is deeply involved in the Danish Internet start-up The website helps divorced parents cope with planning and scheduling challenges. Both parents simply click onto an online calendar and enter their child´s plans. It is a handy tool for parents who are divorced and if you are a brought-together-family counting several shared kids, ex-husbands and -wifes you will potentially save a lot of time.
"It´s tough for kids when their parents divorce. It makes it even harder if the parents can´t communicate with each other and exchange messages through their children. With this online service busy parents as well as parents as well who find it hard to communicate get the opportunity to plan without arguing. And this way you avoid the child becoming directly involved in the conflict," she says.
Renée´s own family is already benefiting from the service. Like when Renée´s mother calls to invite them over for dinner the following friday night. Renée uses to spend hours trying to figure out the kid´s schedules, since Ida Maria, Thomas´ daughter, might have plans with her mother and  Renée´s own children, Ulrik and Jens Christian, may have plans with their father. Now she can quickly log on to and check exactly how many people are going to be home for dinner next friday. "I can also check whether there is a need to adjust our summer holiday plans to accommodate to the children´s needs," says Renée.
Hopefully, Renée says, the service will also mean fewer arguments and less stress on the children. She is greatly concerned with the issue of children who get caught up in the middle of conflicts between their divorced parents and talks passionately on the subject. "The children are the ones who suffer when their parents don´t know to behave like grown-ups," she says.
And she knows what she´s talking about. As a child her parents got divorced. Years later she ended up getting divorced as well. And upon her return from Israel Renée shed the blue work clothes and earned a degree in psychology.
Since then, she became a columnist and got her own advice column in the Danish magazine, Femina. In 2003 she published her first children´s book, `Karlas Kabale`, which was later turned into a tv series and a film about the girl Karla who´s parents are divorced. Renée´s first book - a novel about a doctor who starts suffering from anxiety attacks, came out last year. And as we speak her first youth novel is literally on the table waiting for the final go. Her recipe for productivity is discipline. Discipline is a must when you have a house full of teenagers. Every day, she gets up at seven in the morning, sends the kids off to school and starts working. The computer is in the office on the 1st floor overlooking the ocean and the big foam-capped waves hitting the shore. She writes all day long. She works on her book, on a column or on her advice column responces. And she does not finish working until her family returns back home in the evening.
Renée is responsible for all household duties at home while Thomas usually cooks - mainly because she does not enjoy cooking.  "I find it boring. But it is a great core for a man. It is well defined. He has to shop and then he has to cook. And since it is quite time-consuming it suits me just fine not to have to cook," she says smiling. She tries not to take household chores too seriously - or rather, she makes an effort not to get too involved in discussion about household duties.
A role model of hers is Ghandi: "I respect Ghandi because he chose love as his guide," she says leaving no doubt that she is determined to live according to Ghandi´s principles. And perhaps one of the secrets to her success is that she is not satisfied with admiring her role models. She studies them closely to determine what qualities they posses that she would like to have.
Except when it comes to a certain leathery giant, which she adores. Miniature copies of elephants are neatly organized in seven straight rows in her study. Renée is obsessed with elephants and whenever she travels she brings back yet another miniature trophy to join the 30-somewhat additions of the species on her bookshelf. The children understand her love for the grey giant and also bring back little souveniers to add to her collection. "Its strong and good-natured. I like that. The elephant has a lont of strenghth, but it is gentle. It is also a very wise animal," she says smiling and adds "never tease an elephant. If you do, it´ll turn into a very dangerous animal indeed."    

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danish Jyllands-Posten - 2. January 2010
Christian Klindt Solbech
#2 2010 - Anniken Mohr
danish name it - Spring 2010
danish Jyllands-Posten 1 02.01.10 by Christian Klindt Solbech danish Jyllands-Posten 2 02.01.10 by Christian Klindt Solbech norway Psykisk Helse 02/10 by Anniken Mohr danish name it Spring 2010 1 danish name it Spring 2010 2